What Are the Benefits of Rug Pad?

Whether your area rug is a thin hand knotted wool rug, or a thick tufted rug, the right rug pad under your area rugs can prolong the life of your area rugs and save the floors underneath from damage.

Rug pads have many benefits. For starters, it prevents the area rug from slipping by holding it in place. It also absorbs most of the shock from foot traffic, preventing the fibers from being crushed and adding to the rug’s longevity. A rug pad also prevents grime and dirt from accumulating under the rug.

Helps to Enhance the Look and Feel of Your Area Rugs

A properly sized rug pad prevents grout lines from showing through and keeps the uniformity of your rug while adding cushion and softness.

Helps to Protect Your Floors

Our rug pad will help reduce friction between your rug and floor saving wear on your flooring. Our Moisture Barrier Protection helps prevent spills and pet accidents from soaking through to your flooring which can cause permanent damage.

Helps to Prevent Slips and Falls

Our non-slip rug pads help keep your rugs flat and in place reducing the risk of tripping over wrinkled rugs. Even area rugs that are anchored by furniture can move and shift, causing them to buckle or bunch up, which can increase falling risks.
Reduces Noise and Adds Comfort

Add plushness and comfort to your rugs. Choose from several thickness options to suite your needs. The extra padding of a rug pad also absorbs sound, which reduces the sound in your home making it quieter. This can be particularly useful in apartments or homes with hardwood or tile floors, where noise can easily travel.

Enhance Your Rug’s Longevity with Our Custom Rug Pads

Rug Cleaning of Tulsa offers rug pads specially tailored to your area rugs that enhance the durability and stability of your rugs.

These pads are essential for extending the lifespan of your rugs, ensuring they stay in place, and reducing the risk of slips. They also play a crucial role in protecting your floors by filtering out dirt and grit.

We prioritize your safety and the condition of your flooring by providing rug pads that are free from harmful chemicals, clay, and adhesives, ensuring your floors remain in excellent condition.


Different Thickness of Rug Pads and Their Benefits 

All of our rug pads have a unique Pet Urine Barrier, a moisture barrier designed to keep pet urine from ruining your hardwoods and other floors. Our pads are also all Green Label Plus Certified. They are the only felt rug pads on the market that is “Go Green”. And finally, all of our rug pads used a new Closed Cell Technology (CCT) which provides that pet urine and moisture barrier. CCT keeps most spills and pet urine from soaking through the pads onto the flooring underneath.

Eco by Design

This is the thinnest rug pad we offer with pet urine/moisture barrier. It is great for use in areas with clearance issues, such as Foyers/entrance ways. Any rug where extra thickness is not desired, but a moisture barrier is needed.

The Eco by Design is washable, has no latex rubber, is non-toxic and non-allergenic. It will not stain, discolor or mar floorings.

Eco Preferred

Eco Preferred is our plush rug pad option. It is perfect for thicker or plush rugs where more padding is desired. This rug pad has a comfortable underfoot feel.

The Eco Preferred is also washable, has no latex rubber, is non-toxic and non-allergenic. It will not stain, discolor or mar floorings.

Eco Supreme

The Eco Supreme rug pad is our heavyweight rug pad. It’s perfect for your oriental rugs, or your thicker, more plush rugs. You can use this rug pad anywhere a plush rebound is desired. It’s extra thickness provides a great, soft underfoot feel.
The Eco Supreme is also washable, has no latex rubber, is non-toxic and non-allergenic. It will not stain, discolor or mar floorings.

Have Questions?

If you have questions about what type of rug pad is best for you, stop by our shop today! We can show you the different types of rug pads to choose from and help you choose what is best for your area rugs and home. We will also deliver and install the rug pad of your choosing in your home. Call today and we’ll be happy to answer all your rug pad questions.


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