Viscose Rug being professionally cleaned

The Pros and Cons of Viscose Rugs: Are They Right for Your Home? Plus, DIY Cleaning vs. Professional Cleaning for Viscose Rugs: What You Need to Know

Hey there, rug lovers! Eric Price here from Rug Cleaning of Tulsa, and today, I’m diving into the world of viscose rugs, also known as art silk rugs. If you’ve been eyeing these beauties for your home but aren’t quite sure if they’re the right fit, stick around. I’ll break down the pros and cons of viscose rugs and spill the beans on whether you should roll up your sleeves for DIY cleaning or call in the pros. Let’s get started!

Why Viscose Rugs Could Be Your Home’s New Best Friend

1. Stunning Aesthetics: Viscose rugs are downright gorgeous. They mimic the luxurious look and feel of silk at a fraction of the cost. Their soft, shiny fibers can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room.

2. Affordable Luxury: Let’s face it, silk rugs can cost an arm and a leg. Viscose gives you that high-end look without breaking the bank. It’s perfect for those who want style on a budget.

3. Soft and Silky Feel: Walking on a viscose rug feels like walking on a cloud. The softness underfoot is unbeatable, making it a great choice for bedrooms and living rooms where comfort is key.

4. Vibrant Colors and Patterns: Viscose takes dyes exceptionally well, resulting in vibrant, eye-catching colors and intricate patterns. It’s a decorator’s dream come true.

But wait, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Here are a few things to consider before you commit to a viscose rug.

The Not-So-Glamorous Side of Viscose Rugs

1. Durability Issues: Viscose fibers are not as strong as wool or synthetic materials. They can wear out quickly, especially in high-traffic areas. If you have pets or kids, you might want to think twice.

2. Moisture Sensitivity: Viscose rugs do not play well with water. They can become stiff, lose their sheen, and even develop water stains. Spills need to be tackled immediately to avoid permanent damage.

3. High Maintenance: These rugs require a bit more TLC than their wool or synthetic counterparts. Regular vacuuming and gentle cleaning are a must to keep them looking pristine.

DIY Cleaning vs. Professional Cleaning: The Showdown

So, you’ve weighed the pros and cons and decided a viscose rug is for you. Great choice! Now, let’s talk maintenance. Should you go the DIY route or call in the cavalry? Here’s the lowdown.

DIY Cleaning: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


Cost-Effective: Doing it yourself can save you some bucks. All you need is a vacuum, some mild detergent, and a gentle touch.

Immediate Attention: Spilled wine at 11 PM? No problem. You can tackle stains as soon as they happen.


Risk of Damage: One wrong move and you could end up with a ruined rug. Viscose is delicate and needs careful handling. Improper cleaning can often lead to yellowing, a common issue with viscose fibers. If your rug turns yellow, don’t panic – there’s hope! Sometimes, these yellow stains can be saved or restored. If you notice yellowing, contact the professionals at Rug Cleaning of Tulsa to restore your rug to its former glory.

Time-Consuming: Cleaning a viscose rug is no quick chore. It requires patience and precision.

Viscose Rug BEFORE Professional Cleaning

Viscose Rug AFTER Professional Cleaning

Professional Cleaning: Worth Every Penny


Expert Care: Professionals know their stuff. They have the right tools and techniques to clean your viscose rug without damaging it.

Deep Cleaning: Pros can get out deep-seated dirt and stains that DIY methods might miss, prolonging the life of your rug.
Convenience: Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s just easier to let someone else do the dirty work.


Cost: Professional cleaning is an investment. But considering the value of your rug, it’s often worth the expense.

The Verdict

Viscose rugs can be a fabulous addition to your home, offering luxury and style at a reasonable price. However, they do come with their share of maintenance challenges. For everyday care, a gentle vacuum and immediate attention to spills can go a long way. But for those deep cleans and stubborn stains, calling in a professional is your best bet to keep your rug looking its best.

Got more questions about viscose rugs or need professional cleaning services? Drop us a line at Rug Cleaning of Tulsa. We’re here to help your rugs look as fabulous as the day you bought them.

Eric Price
Rug Cleaning of Tulsa

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