What are Viscose Area Rugs?

Viscose is a type of rayon.  Rayon is a type of fabric that is made from purified cellulose fibers, which are typically made from wood pulp.  Viscose is a fiber made of wood pulp and cellulose waste by-products.  The fibers go through an extremely aggressive chemical process to make them soft and shiny.  It’s basically a silk knock-off.  Don’t worry about the chemical process the fibers go through, viscose is still non-toxic. Because viscose’s source material is always plant-based, the term ‘natural’ is often used by manufacturers and retailers to describe it.  However, because of the artificial manufacturing process use to create the fibers, it is more accurately described as a semi-synthetic fiber.

a pile of viscose fibers

You might hear some carpet cleaners or area rug cleaners say that viscose is a paper.  This is because paper is also made from wood pulp, so viscose is a similar product! Viscose area rugs can be either machine made or handcrafted.

Are Viscose Area Rugs expensive?

Viscose rugs can be relatively inexpensive.  They tend to have the same appearance as silk rugs, but they are not silk.  However, there are some places that will market viscose rugs as “bamboo silk” or “art silk” or “man-made silk” and then mark up the prices.  So sometimes, they could be a more expensive rug.  Just like any area rug or any other major home purchase, just be sure to research whatever you are buying and be well informed before making your area rug purchase.

Viscose area rug in a living room

Why do we like them?

Viscose area rugs are super popular right now.  Mostly because the way they reflect the light and give off a crushed velvet, shimmery look.  Further, area rug manufacturers have increased production of viscose rugs, giving us so many different options of shapes, sizes and patterns.  The range of options makes them popular as they can be found in a wide range of prices, colors and quality to suit any household.

As long as you avoid really high traffic areas, they can be used almost anywhere in your home to jazz up a room. Some area rugs are made mostly of wool with some viscose areas within them.  These different textures are used to create beautiful patterns with varying textures within rugs.  These “mixed-media” type rugs can be a longer lasting area rug for your home than a full viscose rug.

Another thing we like so much about viscose area rugs is the feel of them.  Viscose rugs are gentle rugs that provide lots of comfort.  Viscose rugs provide the same luxury and comfort as genuine silk rugs, but with a cheaper price tag. They do not hold heat, which gives them a cool touch or feel, making them perfect for a summer-time rug.  However, viscose rugs would not help with any warming.  So they would not make a good winter-time rug.

Why do area rug cleaners NOT like them?

Because of the materials that viscose area rugs are made from, they can be difficult to clean.  Many problems can arise with your viscose area rugs.  Some of these problems include dye bleeding, dye fading, fiber distortion causing your rug to buckle or look even more worn, or the most common issue, yellowing. This yellowing is called cellulosic browning and is caused from the plant material that makes up the rug.

Yellowed and damaged viscose area rug

Viscose rugs do tend to stain easily and can wear down with foot traffic.  Their fibers tend to shed as well.  Viscose are rugs are extremely difficult to maintain.  And if too much damage has occurred to the rug, even professional cleanings may not be as effective as wool area rug cleanings or even silk area rug cleanings.  Foot traffic can cause the viscose area rugs to look flat or worn very quickly.  And even careless vacuuming can cause damage to the pile of the rug (which is the density of the fibers or thickness of the rug).

Viscose Rugs and Pets

The cool soft texture of viscose area rugs makes it a perfect place for your pets to want to lie down.  But this could be bad for your viscose rug! Dirt from your pet could show up more quickly on a viscose rug than other rugs.  And pet stains could prove extremely difficult to remove from a viscose rug.  You could end up doing more damage to your viscose rug by trying to clean pet stains yourself.

What to do in case of a spill or pet accident?

Even a small spill of water or liquid can case yellowing on a viscose rug. Also, when viscose gets wet, it becomes weaker.  Which means that scrubbing your area rug could be risky.  Another issue with viscose rugs is that even the smallest amount of liquids could cause rippling or buckling.  The best thing to do if you spill something on your viscose rug is to get it dry as soon as possible! And then call us at Rug Cleaning of Tulsa to set up an appointment so that we can help prevent any further damage to your area rug.


Some professional carpet cleaners may tell you that it is just fine for them to steam clean your viscose area rug.  Do Not Let Them Steam Clean Your Viscose Rug! Even if they say they can just do a “quick run over it.” They cannot – it can and likely will damage your rug.  It is imperative to dry a viscose rug as quick as possible after cleaning it.  And a quick run over it or a steam clean will not accomplish this.  Not only will your rug not be as clean as it can be, but it will likely be left damaged.  

Instead, call the Area Rug Cleaning professionals of Rug Cleaning of Tulsa.  And if you have carpets or tile and grout in your home that needs steamed cleaned call Solid Ground Carpet Cleaning or Master Clean Carpet and Tile Cleaning of Tulsa.  Both of those companies will do an amazing job on your carpets and tile and grout, and can help get you in touch with Rug Cleaning of Tulsa for your area rugs too! 

Will we clean them?

At Rug Cleaning of Tulsa we will clean your viscose area rug! We know the special precautions that need to be taken when cleaning a viscose area rug and we will take these precautions every time we clean any of your area rugs!