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We know that every rug is different, and requires a different process to give it the best clean. We specialize in those different processes.  Give us a call today for a free quote on all your Tulsa rug cleaning needs.

What we do

Stains, Pet Urine, Yellowing, Flood/Smoke Damage, Color Bleeding, and more…

Area Rugs?

At Rug Cleaning of Tulsa, we specialize in professionally deep cleaning all of your area rugs.  With over 18 years of experience and state of the art equipment.  Your area rugs will look and smell like new!


And don’t worry about stains! Whether from kids or pets, we can tackle any set in stain in area rugs. Many rugs have histories as they have been passed down through your family.


Not sure about the type of rug you have? Call us anyways! Rug Cleaning of Tulsa can help identify your rug and let you know the best way to clean it.  With our 8-step cleaning process, we can deep clean any rug you have.

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At Rug Cleaning of Tulsa, we offer pick-up and delivery, or you can drop your area rug off at our shop. Once we have your rug, we will perform a pre-inspection to check for stains, damage, or wear and tear.

Vacuum and Dry Soil Removal

Once pre-inspection is complete, we use a special vacuum to thoroughly vacuum both sides of the area rug and remove any other dry soil.

Dye Test and Dye Stabilization

After all the dry soil is removed, we perform a dye test. If needed, we will use dye stabilizers to help minimize running or fading of the colors in your area rug.


Next, we pre-treat the area rug. Our special pre-treatment solutions work to break up any dirt, grime, urine and stains, lifting them out of the rug. This helps to ensure the next step gives your area rug the deepest clean possible.

Suspension Cleaning

Suspension cleaning is our most common method of cleaning your area rugs. During this step, the dirt and soil in your rugs lifts up out of the fibers. Depending on the type of fibers and soil level, we have various different processes to ensure maximum soil suspension.

Rinse and Fringe Cleaning

After cleaning the area rug, we then rinse both sides of it, making sure all the dirt is removed as well as all of the solutions we used during the cleaning process. If needed, we will also carefully pressure wash the fringe to help clean and rinse it.

Drying and Grooming

Once the area rug is cleaned and rinsed then we begin the drying and grooming process. During this step in the our area rug cleaning process, we use professional equipment to extract as much moisture out of the rug as we can. After this, we will use powerful air movers to help fully dry your area rug. While the rug is drying, we will groom it with tools that are appropriate for your rug type.

Final Inspection

Now your area rug is as good as new. It has been professionally deep cleaned and is ready for a final inspection. Once it is fully approved for delivery or pick-up, we will wrap it so that it stays protected until we deliver it back to you, or until you pick it up from our shop.

Rug Cleaning Services

Our most common area rug cleaning method in Tulsa includes our 8 step process:

  • Pickup/Drop off and Pre-inspection of the rug
  • Vacuum and Dry Soil Removal
  • Dye Test and Dye Stabilization
  • Pre-treatment
  • Suspension Cleaning
  • Rinse and Fringe Cleaning
  • Drying and Grooming
  • Final Inspection and Delivery/Pickup

Tulsa Rug Cleaning:

  • Stains
  • Pet Urine
  • Yellowing
  • Flood/Smoke Damage
  • Color Bleeding
  • Much more

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I’ve been using Eric and his team for a few years now and every time they’ve done a fantastic job. Always professional, on-time and truly care about your home and the quality work they do. My area rug, couch and carpets keep that new look and smell so clean- and with 3 dogs! Thanks Eric for top-notch care.

I love how easy it was to drop off my rug and pick it up when it was finished! They were able to get pet urine out of my rug and make it look like new for a great price. Will definitely be using them again for all our rug needs!

Hands down one of the best rug/carpet cleaning companies around. Always on time, friendly and everything smells fresh and clean after they’re done.

We had our 8×11 Facebook marketplace rug cleaned by Rug Cleaning of Tulsa and they do great work! Very responsive, quick, and the owners are great!

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