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At Rug Cleaning of Tulsa, we specialize in professionally deep cleaning all of your area rugs.  With over 18 years of experience and state of the art equipment.  Your area rugs will look and smell like new!

We can clean all of your:

-Wool Area Rugs

-Oriental Area Rugs

-Hand-woven Area Rugs

-Persian Area Rugs

-Chinese Wool Area Rugs

-Synthetic Area Rugs

-Silk Area Rugs

-Shag Area Rugs

-And any others! Just Call today!

A picture of an area rug being cleaned.

Not sure about the type of rug you have? Call us anyways! Rug Cleaning of Tulsa can help identify your rug and let you know the best way to clean it.  With our 8-step cleaning process, we can deep clean any rug you have.  And don’t worry about stains! Whether from kids or pets, we can tackle any set in stain in area rugs. Many rugs have histories as they have been passed down through your family. We love hearing the stories behind your area rugs are able to get any rug you have looking and smelling like new.

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