The beauty and life of your area rugs greatly depend on the care it receives. Pet stains and spills on area rugs happen all the time. 

Normal, day-to-day life usually means some spills and pet stains.  Proper care and cleaning will keep it looking great for its full lifetime and can even help improve your indoor air quality.

An area rug with stained with pet urine
a lady laying on a couch spilling red wine onto her area rug

Steps to Take for Stains and Spills:

A person blotting stains out of an area rug

1. Whatever the substance may be, whether it is wine, coffee, juice or urine, the first step is to remove as much of it as possible from the rug – as soon as possible.  Do this by blotting the area with paper towels or a washcloth. Keep blotting until you have got as much out as possible.

  1. After blotting, many spills will require diluting. If it is clear that much of the spilled substance is still in the rug, dilute it with water, as much water as necessary. That may mean a half cup for a small spill, or it may mean a quart of water for a major spill. However, you DO NOT want to get your area rug sopping wet unless. Many area rugs could become damaged with too much moisture. Also, some area rugs could have unstable dyes that could run with too much water or moisture.
  2. Now back to blotting, blot some more and some more. Get as much moisture out as possible.
  3. Make sure to dry the rug if it is very wet. You may have to elevate it to promote air circulation under it. You might just stuff some wadded up newspapers under it. You may wish to place a fan on the rug to circulate air. Some rugs can be damaged if they stay wet too long.
  4. Do not use spot removers on Oriental rugs that are formulated for use on wall-to-wall carpeting. They will harm the wool pile of your rug.

Call the Professionals at Rug Cleaning of Tulsa

These are just some simple steps you could take to help your area rugs when pet stains and spills happen.  But first and foremost, always call a professional! These steps can help in a pinch, but we are the only Tulsa area rug cleaners that can give your area rugs a professional deep cleaning without damaging them.