What is a Persian Area Rug?

Persian area rugs are rugs that are made in Ancient Persia, which is now modern-day Iran.  These area rugs are hand-knotted with a specific Persian knot that allows the fibers to be densely woven. 

a picture of a persian area rug

Persian area rugs are not just floor coverings, they are works of art.  Renowned for their rich colors and interesting designs, Persians rugs are usually made of wool.  Wool makes them durable and easy to clean.  However, Persian area rugs should always be handled with care. Before trying to clean them yourself, always check for care instructions on the tag of the rug.   

How to Clean your Persian Area Rug

We always recommend a professional deep cleaning of any of your fine area rugs.  In our shop at Rug Cleaning of Tulsa, we have all the equipment and supplies necessary to give your area rugs the best possible deep cleaning.  All while ensuring the highest quality of customer service and care to your rugs.  But here are some steps you can take to clean your Persian area rugs at home. 

Shake it Out

The first step to getting a decent cleaning at home is to take your rug outside and shake it out.  Roll up your Persian rug and take it outside.  Firmly hold the corners of your rug while you vigorously shake the rug.  Continue shaking your rug until no more dirt, debris or crumbs fall from it.  If your rug is too big for you to shake by yourself, you can hang it over a railing and beat it using a broomstick.  Be sure to hit both sides of the rug.

Vacuum the Rug

Next you need to vacuum your rug, starting with the back.  Vacuuming the back of the rug helps to loosen dirt within the rug fibers, especially if your vacuum has a beater bar or brush that you can engage. Flip the rug over and then vacuum the front side of the rug as well.  If the fibers of your rug are longer, then disengage the beater brush. Also, try to avoid vacuuming any fringe.  Instead, use the upholstery attachment of your vacuum.

Vacuuming a persian area rug

Removing Stains

If your Persian area rug only has a few areas that need cleaned, you can start with spot cleaning the stains.  First, remove any excess moisture or debris from the spot.  If there has been some type of urine accident or spill, blot the liquid up with a clean towel to remove as much moisture as you can.

spot cleaning a persian area rug

Next, mix together water with a very small amount of a mild detergent.  Use a clean sponge to blot the spot with this mixture.  Do not rub the area, only blot. Clean off the sponge and repeat until the stain is gone.  Then blot the spot several times with clean water only.  This helps to remove any extra detergent.  You do not want to leave any detergent in the rug.  Doing so could attract more dirt to the spot. 

Be sure to fully dry the area.  The quicker you can dry the spot, the better.  Leaving moisture in a Persian area rug can be damaging to the rug.

Hand Washing a Persian Rug

If you are dealing with more than just a couple spots, you may need to hand wash your entire Persian area rug.  To do so, make a mixture of water with a small amount of a mild detergent.  You will use the same process as with spot cleaning as described above.  However, you will want to start in one corner of your rug.  Then use a grid-pattern to work in small sections, eventually covering the entire rug.  Be sure to clean your sponge frequently.

hand washing a persian area rug

Once you have went over the entire rug, you will need to go over it again using only water.  Be sure you remove any soap or detergent residue.  Leaving residue behind will attract more dirt to your area rug. 

Allow your rug to dry completely before putting it back into place.  On a nice day, hang it outside.  You can also put fans blowing above and below it to encourage air flow and quicker drying.

Before Cleaning

Before you do any cleaning on any of your area rugs, we recommend limiting yourself to only spot cleanings.  And before you spot clean, or do a full clean, test any products in an inconspicuous place on your rug.  Beware, some area rugs have dyes that can run and spread, and some products could do damage to your rug instead of just cleaning it.

Rotate Your Rugs

Another step to take besides spot cleaning or full cleanings is to rotate your rugs.  Whether your rug is under furniture, sees heavy foot traffic, or is near a window, rotating it keeps it from wearing unevenly.  For example, if your rug is near a window, part of it probably sees more sunlight than the rest of it.  This can cause uneven fading.  Rotating your rug can help with this.

If you have an area rug in a place in your home that sees a lot of foot traffic, some of the rug may not get as much of the foot traffic as other parts of the rug.  Rotating the rug can alleviate uneven wear from foot traffic.

Rotating your rugs every few months or at least once every six months helps to ensure even exposure of light or foot traffic throughout the years.  You’ll avoid frustrations of indentations, fading and wear and tear that only shows up on a portion of your Persian area rug.

Things to Avoid While Cleaning your Persian Area Rug

There are some things you should never do when trying to clean your Persian area rug on your own.  For example, do NOT power wash your Persian area rug.  Do NOT take it to the car wash to use the power sprayers.  Power washing or “car washing” your Persian area rug can do great damage to the rug. 

Do NOT shampoo your Persian area rugs.  While carpet shampoo machines that you can buy or rent from the store are okay for spot cleaning the carpets in your home, they are NOT okay for taking care of your Persian area rugs.  Please do NOT use these machines on your area rugs.   

Do NOT steam clean your Persian area rugs.  We also recommend that you do not steam clean your authentic Persian area rug.  Doing so can cause the fibers to loosen and cause damage to your rugs.   

Call Rug Cleaning of Tulsa

If you are unsure of how to clean your area rug, or you just want to make sure it is done the right way by professionals, then call Rug Cleaning of Tulsa.  We have experience with Persian area rugs and have the proper equipment and supplies to take care of your rugs. 

And always remember, if you have carpet or tile and grout cleaning needs, our partners at Master Clean Carpet and Tile Cleaning or Solid Ground Carpet Cleaning are the best steam cleaners to call.