Have you ever wondered where area rugs got their start? That thought was something that had never crossed my mind.  However, at Rug Cleaning of Tulsa, we professionally deep clean all types of area rugs.  As our clients bring us their rugs and tell us their stories, I started thinking more and more about the history of area rugs. 

Some of our clients’ rugs have been in their families for years.  Others just recently acquired theirs.  Some people have traded out other types of work for their fine Persian area rugs.  Some rugs that we clean are worth just a couple hundred dollars, while others can be worth over $25,000!

 A Warm Beginning – the History of Area Rugs

So how did area rugs get their start? Thousands of years ago, humans simply needed something to help keep them warm by covering the cold ground.  Ancient nomadic tribes would weave together different materials, like grass, camel, sheep or goat hair to make primitive ground coverings.  

 Civilized Rugs 

As humans became more and more civilized, area rugs became more civilized as well. Some rugs became a sign of prestige and class.  The Persians then began perfecting their art of creating Persian rugs by weaving silver or gold strands into their wool area rugs.  Other cultures across the world began creating ornate hand-woven area rugs. Oriental rugs utilizing all types of techniques and materials were born. 

Trade routes brought many of these Persian and Oriental rugs to farther corners of the world.  Other cultures learned how to create beautiful hand-woven masterpieces.  In Europe, royalty would purchase these special rugs to display as a sign of wealth.

Modern Times

Today, area rugs are mostly created by machine.  This makes them more affordable for most people to purchase.  However, hand-woven wool area rugs are still made and sold for their artistic value.  Area rugs today are made from all types of materials.  And they need to be cared for and cleaned in different ways.  At Rug Cleaning of Tulsa, we can professionally deep clean, restore, and help to protect all of your area rugs.  Whether you have a historical, hand-woven Persian wool rug, or a newer machine-made synthetic fiber area rug, they all get dirty.  Call us today to find out how we can help revitalize your area rugs.