Investing in Area Rugs and Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a beautiful investment for any home or living space.  And Area Rugs and Hardwood Floors go hand in hand.  Why? Because area rugs not only add comfort to your hardwood floors, they also add color and design.  Additionally, area rugs protect your hardwood floors.  Which means area rugs are a good investment to protect your investment!

An area rug on a hardwood floor.

However – you cannot just put down any area rug if you want to use it to protect your hardwood floors.  There are many factors to take into consideration before picking out the perfect rug for your hardwoods. 

Price difference of Area Rugs

When you start shopping for area rugs, you’ll notice a vast price difference between rugs from normal box home stores.  Just look at the prices differences between Costco rugs and the rugs from higher end furniture places like Bob Mills.  The more valuable area rugs may be a big investment for you.  However, the investment can be well worth it for protecting your hardwood floors.

Different types of area rugs.

The higher priced area rugs are typically better made area rugs that will work harder and better at protecting your floors.  While the less-expensive area rugs may be more budget friendly, they do not offer as much protection to your floors.  They are usually thinner and made of synthetic materials. 

What types of area rugs are best? 

When picking out what area rugs to use with your hardwood floors, it’s best to first consider the room’s function. For example, use a runner in a high-traffic hallway to protect the floors under it.  If you’re looking for an area rug for your home office, consider something thinner that allows your office chair to roll around with ease.  However, for your living room, consider something more dense or shaggy to add a layer of protection against possible scratches from furniture.

 A long area rug runner in a hallway

Floors and Sunshine

One of the first things to think about before buying an area rug is where on your hardwood you’ll be placing it.  There are some spots you need be careful when choosing to lay an area rug on the hardwood.  For instance, you have to be careful putting an area rugs on hardwood flooring if it is in an area that gets regular, direct sunlight. 

Sun shining on hardwood floors

Why to Avoid direct sunlight with Area Rugs and Hardwood Floors:

  1. The dye in the fibers of the area rug can begin to fade in the places where the sun directly shines on it.
  2. Another problem with direct sun light on spaces with area rugs and hardwood floors is that while the area rug is doing its job protecting the hardwood floors, the hardwood underneath the area rug will remain in perfect condition while the surrounding areas of hardwood will begin to fade. If the area rug is ever removed, you will notice a distinct outline of the rug. 

How to prevent sun damage to area rugs and hardwoods:

  1. An easy solution to keep your area rug from fading is to rotate it regularly. Rotating the area rugs help to prevent one spot from having direct sun exposure long term. 
  2. Installing blinds or curtains on your windows and closing them when the sun is directly shining on the floors.
  3. If you get the area rug outline on your hardwood floors, you will have to have them sanded and refinished to remedy the outline. Or, sometimes, picking up the area rug and leaving all of the flooring exposed to the sun can result in them evening out.  However, this will mean all your hardwoods are faded. 
Sun damage on hardwood floors

Clean first and regularly:

A good step to take before laying your area rug onto your hardwood floors is to be sure to clean the area first.  Dirt and oils that get trapped under the area rug leave the hardwoods susceptible to further damage or stains.  You should sweep, mop and dry the area thoroughly before you place the area rugs.  Make sure the hardwood floors are free from any dirt or debris that could cause damage. 

Additionally, have your area rugs professionally cleaned regularly.  Area rugs act like a filter, trapping in dirt and debris that is carried in from feet and pets.  These dirts and oils can find their way under the rugs and cause the same damage to your hardwood floors over time. 

A good rule of thumb is to have your area rugs professionally cleaned at least once every one to two years and more often if you have lots of traffic or pets.

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